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Seeing how hard William`s chest and abs were built up it made Ashley want to test out his full skill`s to be seeing if the good doc was hiding any.

So she changelled Will to go one on one with her in the ring in the lower gym.

If he could go five minutes with her, she would go out with him to wherever He wished to go.

When he said yes she smiled knowing she would never have to pay up.

When the rest of the sanctuary found out about the bet. The abnormals as well as the other team members start making side bets. Some of the bets were to see how fast it would take Ashley to knock Will out,others for if long he would hold-out before hr though in the towel.

Even Nickola and Druitt where getting in on the action.

They even laughed and joked about it, in the libary over so wine.

No one but Henry had any faith that Will could last five minutes againest Ashley.

Henry bet not only would Will last all five minutes but he would take out Ashley before the five minutes were up.

Most of the sanctuary took him up on the bet.

They thought it was easy money, and if Henry was just going to throw it away, who where they to say anything about it.

Magnus was sitting in her office, when she found out about it about, she got a call from one of the other sanctuary`s asking about odd`s on the Ashley/Will fight.

She was spheechless and just hung up.

When Magnus burst in on Druitt And Tesla having some wine in the libary.

"How long?" Magnus demaned of them.

"How long what Magnus?" Telsa asked.

"How long have you know about this Ashley/Will fight?" asked Magnus again.

"A short time now." answered Druitt.

"How did you find out any way?" asked Tesla.

"Their was a call from another sactuary wanting the odd`s on the Ashley/Will bout." said Magnus truthfully. Then sighed then turned and justed lefted them in the libary.


When Druitt and Nickola heard about the call they just looked at each other and bursted out laughing.

They joked to each other how Ashley was going to knock Will out.

The day of the fight a ring had been setup in the biggest gym in the sanctuary.

Most of the sanctuary showed up to cheer Ashley on or to even see how fast she would knock out will. Even Druitt and Nickola showed up to cheer Ashley on.

When Ashley entered the gym almost everyone cheered her on.

She walked down the aisle to the ring where she entred it by ducking under the ropes with no trouble. The crowd again cheered when she walked around the ring and raised her clasped hands above her head as if the match was a forgone conclusion.

Even Druitt and Nickola were cheering her.

When Will entred, he was booed and cat called by the crowd,only Henry had come to see Will win.

He walked down the same aisle as looked over to see if Magnus had but on this day not even Magnus had come to cheer on either, her Daughter or him on to victory.

(Bigfoot)The Big Guy, was their to enforce and make sure that they both knew all the rules of the gym.

They were both wear potective gear for the fight. When Ashley took off her robe a big cheer aprecation went up.

With her robes off the whole crowd could see she was wearing nothing but a skin tight gymclothes and protetive head gear,wraped hands,knee and elbow pads.

She knew she looked good and knew how to show it off. Druitt just glared at the crowd As they cheered and some leered at his daughter, then he just turned and Ignored the crowd.

When he took off his robes the crowd grew very silent they didn`t know he was this built up,not only was chest and abs but all of his body had muscles to show off.

The only one who had seen Him in his brithday suit was Sally and she wasn`t telling anyone. (the sanctuary mermaid).

An he was more buff than he let on, and more skilled as well.

Will thought to himself that He was going to show Ashley that He wasn`t such a pansy after all.

Not even Dr Magnus knew that he had tremendous recall of sight,and events that happen around him.

A lot of people would see it as a blessing. but like Dr Magnus He saw both sides of it.

For Him it was a blessing and a curse. for it was the gift which made him such a good profiler and psycologist also gave him his nightmare`s that he couldn`t forget. now he was going to put some of that knowledge to work for him.
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